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My corsair augmented (Yes, I have been playing deus ex) budget lan build!

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With all the great games that are being released this year, and me having sold my old system, to make funds for a 2011 13" mbp, I just had to start a new build! And the fact that I promised to attend a LAN-party in the end of october, I knew that my MBP wouldnt cut it.


BUT being a student, means that my income is somewhat restriced, and therefore I chose to source as many parts second-hand as I possibly could, to drive costs down!


Parts list:


Gigabyte MA78GM-UD2H (2nd-hand)

AMD Phenom II X3 2.8ghz @ 3.8ghz (2nd-hand)

4*2gb Corsair xms2 (2nd-hand)

EVGA GTX460 @ 890 core (2nd-hand)

Corsair CX430 psu (new)

Corsair A70 cooler (new)

Ace ecco 220 case (new)

And a couple of hdd's


Final cost in: 338$

I chose the the case as it was the smallest most compact mATX case I could find. I have had great experiences with corsair psu's in the past, and to keep costs down, it had to be the CX430, and it is doing an admirable job!

And I am really loving the cooler! I got with a good discount and even though I am only running one fan on it, it is keeping my cpu at 52 degress celcius at full load, while I am pumping 1.55v through it! :bigeyes:


It is quite impressive in bang for the buck terms, but it is performing very impressively, period!


And a quick picture of my build:




Fortunately I AM able to put the side cover on the case, but with only 1mm of space between the cover and the heatpipes :D


This just goes to show that you can have great performance with very little expense! I know this system doesnt equate to the biggest E-peen, but I really dont care! :D

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