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first impressions of 600T special edition


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I got my new 600T special edition last week and spent the last few days swapping over from my old case.


Its a fantastic looking case. The finish on it is superb.


I had read about the whining noise from the front fan, but I thought it cant be that bad. It is! And worse! There is no question that its a design issue with the closeness and shape of the front grill. The fan itself doesn't whine when its out of the case. Also the same effect is heard if you put a fan, any fan, on the outside of the top grill and extract from the case. I find it hard to believe that nobody at Corsair picked this up before the case was released.


I fixed the whining noise problem by getting an air filter for a cooker extraction fan, cutting it to size and velcroing it to the front of the case. The front fan was still quite loud even with the fan controller at minimum, so I put a 'fan-mate' in series with it and its fine now. It doesn't seem to be restricting airflow by too much, as my hdd temps seem ok


I removed the top fan and replaced it with the back exhaust fan and another quiet 120mm fan


The space inside the case is great except at the top. things are pretty tight when top fan or fans are installed. It does makes for a very clean build. A couple of extra loops for holding cable ties (zip ties i believe you guys call them) at the back of the motherboard panel wouldn't go amiss.


Also the windowed side door doesn't fit particularly well as the front and top panels are slightly misaligned. I noticed this before I took the front panel off to put the fan filter on btw. You have to push the top right of the door in to close it properly.


Overall its a nice looking case and an easy and tidy build, but I am disappointed with the fan issue. I didn't really expect to have to velcro filters on it to have an acceptable noise level. An there doesn't seem to be a long term solution to this. I am definitely not taking a Dremel to the front of the case.

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