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3.3v line voltage drops


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this system is not overclocked in any way. Over the last couple of months I've been having a problem with voltage drops on the 3.3v line. The normal is 3.312, but this gradually drops over a period of a few weeks. It goes to 3.296, 3.280, 3.264, 3.248 and so on? On a couple of occasions I've cleaned out the system, including blowing out the PSU with compressed gas and the voltage goes back up again, but not for long?? It got as low as 3.232 the last time I cleaned it out (It wasnt even dusty inside when this was done).

This has happened 3 times now, I know that this drop is only around 3% BUT, this is a lot in the space of around 3 weeks??? If I let it continue, the 10% margin would be reached very quickly. By the way the PSU is only around 6months old, and still under warranty. I thought it might have bee the memory, so bought new memory last week, and the voltages have started to drop again, only down to 3.296 at the moment, but that is in only 5 days??

has anyone any ideas as to what is causing this very slow drop in the 3.3v line????? :confused:


Sorry meant to add that the 12v line has dropped a notch as well now?????? dropped to 11.985

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As long as thePSU voltages are within 5% it should be fine. A pSU will degrade somewhat over time , given it's only been 6 months. Where are you reading your voltages from? If it is anything other than the BIOS or from reading from a multi-meter, i would not trust it. Software has a tendency to be wrong quite a bit.


As long as it is not causing any problems so far i dont think it can be RMA'd yet since it technically has not failed. I would just keep an eye on it for now and see if it continues to degrade.


FWIW, My 3.3v runs at 3v alot and has for a year now. Same goes for the 12v which sits at around 11.75-11.9v

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just an update to the thread, my voltages on the 3,3v line are now down to 3.188. I might add also these voltage drops are with the machine at idle.

Anyone ANY ideas as to what is causing these voltage drops?

its taken a couple of months to drop to this voltage, AND its only happening on the 3.3v line? AND its gradual, like a drop of .016 volts per week or so, culminating in 3.18v, at Idle...

very frustrating.

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