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Force Series 3 GT 120 GB


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Ok i give up after 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!

I have my froce gt 120GB for 2 months now/on 1.2 F/W all was well. Last 3 days i had bios shut down so i updated FW 1.3.2 all went well.

1- clear com.

2-secure erase ssd

3-install win 7 pro 64 bit

4-updated all the updates for windows

5-insatll only M/B drivers for network only


6-I didn't in stall IRST

7-im useing intel port only on M/B

8-I change psu---all the cables---ssd plug in with it oun power cable.


Only thing i tell you is when i freeze up and I Ctrl/Alt/Del out it says {PreParing Security Options.} It has done this from Day 1 for about 10 sec. and free up and all was Good for the rest os the day---BUT now when it does this i crash to bios and i loose my SSD in bios.I need help.

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