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H60 pump to PSU?


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Is it safe to connect the H60 directly to the PSU via Molex connector with 2-pin fan connector on the end of it? My thinking was that this way the pump will always get full power, as I have no more 3-pin fan connectors left available on my motherboard. Would connecting the pump to the PSU shorten the lifespan?


I'm new to system building, so please be nice :laughing:

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Not to worry! It's perfectly fine to connect the pump directly to the PS with a molex adapter. That is how I have my H60's pump powered up. The small amount of extra voltage (a couple tenth's of a volt at most) that you might get compared to a mother board connection makes no difference, and Corsair approves of this method.


If you are using your mother boards fan speed controlling software, a pump connected to the board might not get enough voltage, which is not good. Using a molex adapter to the PS insures the pump always gets full voltage.


There is one issue with this configuration, that being you cannot monitor the pump's speed with the standard molex to two pin fan plug. But, there are molex to three pin adapters that have a third wire that can be plugged into the mother board for speed monitoring. That is what I use.


It's not required that you monitor the pump's speed, but is good to see at least at first to know it is working correctly. The H60's pump should be at ~4000 RPM, usually a bit above that.

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