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Fans not working on 650D


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I'm having a problem with my new case I just got. I went with the Obsidian 650D for my new build. I hooked everything up and it looked great. Hooked up all the fans into the fan control headers that connect to the top of the case and turned it on. Heard click and got all excited it did its thing but none of the fans worked. I had all the fans hooked up to the fan control headers but as I said everything BUT the fans work. I checked all the plugs and they seem tight. I have three plugs that aren't being used and I don't know if this is why its not working? I have that are mounted to the case that aren't plugged in. They are: the molex plug, another plug that lookes like a giant sata connector and a SATA plug not hooked up, all other plugs that come with the case are in place. So can someone help me trouble shoot the problem?


Edit: Just to note the fans do work when plugged into the headers on the motherboard itself so its not a problem with the fans. I would just use the mobo headers but I don't have enough. I have 3 fan headers (not including the cpu fan header) and four fans so I'm one short.

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