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Phenom II 1100t (or similar cpu) temps with H80 or H100 info needed...


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I'm researching a new build at present using a combination of either the H80 or H100 with a Phenom 1100t, Asus M5A99x Evo, 8gb ram with a 6870 1gb gpu. Appreciate all info for any other similar spec'd cpu also.


Particularly interested in temps of H100 in the 600t graphite case with just stock fans. I'm not that into overclocking apart from for the odd benchmark run or two.


Not too sure on a case yet. Trying to decide between 500R, 600t and the 650D.


I'd like to keep it as quiet as possible while still running cool. Just like to get some actual temperature figures from people who are running this stuff, stock or overclocked, so please post away and give me an idea of what I can expect.

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Trying to weigh up between the 500r, 600t or 650d at present. They all have their things I like and dislike.

500r has mobo usb3 connector but looks a bit tight on space and now quick release latches on side panel.

The other two have more space and better cooling by the looks of it. I love the look of the 600t but I like the fact I can go push/pull with the H100 if I want to with the 650d but then the 650d has the open hex grill on top with no filter whereas the 500r and the 600t have a nice mesh over it. It could get a bit dusty sitting on my floor.


If the 650d had the mesh filter on top and internal usb3 I'd be all over it. If the 600t had a little more height in the chassis and internal usb3 I'd probably plump for that over the 650d.


Anyway, kinda getting off track now. Really want to know what temps people get so I can determine whether 2 fans only on the H100 is going to do me if I get the 600t as that's probably the one for me.


Edit; and if it makes a difference it'll be the graphite, not the white 600t with the faster spec'd fans in it.

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