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blue screen Asus Rampage with Corsair (3x 2 Go) DDR3


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since I made my new computer, I still had blue screen, that i cannot fix, i did not set anythink if someone can tell what kind of setting may I use to fix that


Asus Rampage II gene


Kit Corsair Dominator 6 Go (3x 2 Go) DDR3 1600 MHz CL8


Blue screen



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my settings



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Load set up defaults then change AI Tweaker to XMP instead of CPU level up. That is all you should need to do. Also be sure QPI/VTT voltage is being set to a minumum of 1.35v with xmp enabled. You may need as much as 1.45v depending on your CPU stepping. But 1.35v is a good starting place.


If you still have problems test the RAM each stick individually in the first slot with Memtest86+ with XMP enabled and USB legacy support DISABLED in your BIOS. Let memtest run for at least 4 passes each or until you get an error.


Post back with your results and we can troubleshoot further if need be.

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