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Need Info on Corsair LInk


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I am considering the Corsair Link for my next liquid cooling built for fan and lighting control once motherboards are released for the x79 chip set and sandybridge extreme. What I would like to know is where I can find techical information on the your product the demos look great by the way. The Information that I am looking deals with things such as:

*Number of fans and max. wattage of fans support by each cooling node and if PWM fans are supported in total I see below 4 Amp max but is that for the whole system or just each node.

* Number of nodes supported by the Link Commander.

* Support for PWM water cooling pumps in hardware and software profiles.

* Number of temp. seniors supported.

* If the system starts working prior to the starting of the windows operating system for fan and lighting control with other operating system since i don't see information on support for linux or others.

* Support for other lighing modules other then those shown in the website.

* Is a module going to be built into corsair power supplies for power and temp monitoring.

* And most importantly when am I going to find them on store shelves. It would make a nice christmas gift wishlist item or gift to myself . :)



Thanks for your help.

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