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Corsair Force 3 GT I feel trapped !


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One month ago, I built my new PC, using an Intel I5 2500K proc on a P8P67 REV3.1 mobo in a brandnew 650D corsair case and with the Corsair SSD Force 3 GT 120.

Once in a while, I got some BSOD and when the computer restarted, the SSD was not recognized. After different search, I found a lot of useful information on this forum. So I upgraded the firmware to 1.3.2 update with success.

Nevertheless, the computer randomly all of sudden restarts and the SSD is not recognized. I have to turn off the computer to get the SSD working again.

My SSD serial starts with 1131.


To be honest, I am really disappointed with Corsair even if I was/am a loyal customer. The 650D has a real problem with the noisy front fan, but I can live with it.

But now the problem with my SSD is absolutely annoying. Buying hardware for hard money should ensure us a perfect device that works !!! This is not the case and I am now waiting for the next "sudden" restart of the computer !

So Corsair, please, what should we do ?

RMA will take weeks to get a replacement, which means that I will have to find an old HDD to install WIN7 on it, waiting for the corsair solution ?I really don't trust Corsair SSD anymore !!! On the other side, its to late for a refund from the store !!!

So I feel trapped and disappointed !!!

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Did you follow the rest of the suggestions AFTER updating the firmware?

After your update if you still have issues, we strongly recommend the following steps:



1. Complete clearing of the BIOS. This is a good idea after any firmware flash of any device.


2. Secure erase the SSD. For some users, cloning of the drive works, for others it does not. This may be dependent upon the cloning tool used.


3. A clean installation of the OS if you experience instability after a BIOS clearing and secure erase.


UPDATE YOUR BIOS. As always for users with issues, we recommend that you update your motherboard/notebook to the most recent BIOS before attempting to flash your firmware. This may or may not resolve your issue but it is an excellent first step. Quite a few boards/notebooks have been given SSD specific updates over the past few months.

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Hello Wired,

As the whole computer was new, I had no need of cloning my old system, I reinstalled the whole thing.

First, updated the Motherbord Bios, second, updated to firmware 1.3.2, third secure erased the SSD and finally installed win7 again from USB.

this afternoon, I had a sudden restart and SSD was not recognised !


Corsair said they have a problem with the drives having a serial <1121. As you see, my drive is serial 1131 and I face the same kinf od problems.

are the whole FORCE3GT 120 drives defect ? ANyway, so, what should I finally do ?

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I really feel angry. I was about to post a reply 5 minutes ago, but it ended with a freezing Image, a BSOD and a restart where the SSD was not recognised !!!!

So I have to start to write all again !!!!:mad:


Dear Toasted, thanks for your hints. I tried the special SATA3 cables and installed the correct drivers. The SSD was connected during installation as obviously, I installed WIN7 on this drive.


To be honnest, we are not supposed to hold a PhD in IT to know which tricks we should use to correctly install the SSD.

The only thing that we request from Corsair, is to provide us with a working device, and this is not the case. We spend money for it and I really fell disappointed.

I will loose time and nerves (as we say in french) sending the SSD to corsair and waiting for I don't knwo how long for a replacement, knowing that I will probably not trust the ssd anymore and live with an old fashionned computer as I have to install windows on an old HDD in the meantime.



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I will RMA the drive. But I am still annoyed about the waste of time and the fact that, regarding to the numerous posts here related to the SSD problem, I dont feel confident about the exchange drive that I will eventually get.

I know that Corsair is doing a great job regarding their customers, and I appreciate it, but still, I would like to know the real reason of those multiple issues : Is the drive faulty ? Sandforce ? the firmware ??? I think that we should get a simple but honnest answer that we still lack.

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