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Corsair Force 3 120 GB Stability Problem


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I have a lot of problem with my Force 3 120Gb SSD drive (serial 1124021100000682825), installed on a ASUS Sabertooth X58.


The firmware of SSD and the Mainbord BIOS are the last version (1.3.2 for SSD, 1.304 for ASUS).


I have tried to install the disk on SATA3 Marvell Controller. In this case I cannot terminate the Windows Installer (I have tryed with ubuntu CD, but I have the same problem). The PC self-reboot and Windows or Linux doesn't start correctly.


If I install the disk on the Sata2 Intel ICH10R controller, the disk works fine but any time the system hangs and when I restart the PC (with hardware reset) the SSD is invisible and the O.S. doesn't start. To solve, I need to power off the machine and power on again.


I don't understand if the problem is hardware or software, if is a problem of the SSD or the Mainboard Controller. With another disk no SSD (Samsung HD103SJ) I don't have any problem.


Can you help me?





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