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CX430W Capacitor Issues


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I have recently purchased the CX 430W model SMPS for my 2 year old PC.


After working fine for the first 2 weeks, a dark brown liquid starts leaking from the fan vent and my PC fails to boot and gives "No Input - Analog" message.


I then gave the SMPS back to KAIZEN INFOSERVE, Hyderabad, India (who are the authorised service centre for CORSAIR products).


After 5 days, I received a new courier and it contained a new CX 430W V2 SMPS. After installing, it worked fine for 1 day, and again I have this brown liquid leakage from the fan vent.


The system is now restarting automatically post boot after showing Windows XP logo.


When all other components on my PC are working fine, without any capacitor leakage problems, I fail to understand why a reputed company like CORSAIR has produced such a faulty product.


My PC specs: AMD Athlon X2 4000, ASUS M2A VM HDMI motherboard, Seagate 500GB barracuda, Sapphire HD 6670 1 GHz DDR5 graphics card, 3 GB RAM (1 ******** 1 GB DIMM and 1 Transcend 2 GB DIMM), ASUS DVD RW drive.


I have a 1000 VA UPS(Microtek brand), to which I have connected my SMPS power cable and my Viewsonic 19" LCD cable. The monitor gets its separate power from the UPS.


These are very nominal PC specs, so I dont understand why the Corsair CX 430 cannot handle this configuration.


I have to now again go back to CORSAIR for a replacement this Saturday, 7th OCT.


Any help anyone can provide to resolve this issue is very much appreciated.




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I recently purchased, the Sapphire 1 Ghz GDDR5 graphics card to get better gaming graphics out of my basic office rig, and the shop technician suggested to go for a better power supply, just in case.


I immediately bought the Corsair 430W which was available cheap, but it seems just any good brand name does not count. My previous cheapo COLORS-IT 450W SMPS worked well and there were no issues experienced at all.

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