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Push/Pull Set-up for the H100


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Need some help on how I should go about installing this set-up. I am thinking


about buying four of these bad-boys and setting them in a push/pull set-up


on my HAF-X case. But I am open to suggestion, since I


am fairly new to PC's and realize that there are many variable like negative


air, ambientroom temp, static air and stuff. I am unsure about how I


should do this. The Case has to a 230mm intake fan on the frontand another


200mm intake on the side panel and two 200mm exhaust on top. Since I will


be installing the H100 rad on toshould I have it suck air in and push it into


the components or suck air in from the inside and push it out through the


top...I don't know help me out guys.



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Corsair's recommendation is to take air from the outside to in and exhaust it out from the side/top.



Front>Side> Possibly back fan do the in taking> H100 exhausting out. (note: you will need to remove those two 200mm exhaust fans.


H100 Intake>backfan exhaust it.


I have not touched the case, so you will need to do some experiments to find the best setup to get the best temps.


Take a look at this thread to get some kind of idea.



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From your case set up, I would make the H100 as an exhaust, since you have 2 fans that are already an intake and the rear fan should be an exhaust as well.


RAM GUY, please check this original HAF-X airflow pattern:





There are only only 2 intake fans. The side fan blows air over video cards and the front fan blows air over HDDs. This makes the air warm. And the way you suggest to set up the H100 fan orientation, they will pull that warmed up air into the H100 heatsink.


That doesn't sound right?


I think the stock intake air setup is insufficient to provide cool air for the H100 heatsink. The front intake fan has a dust-mesh and the airflow is then further obstructed by the HDD rack.


Maybe there is a better setup to come up with?

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Hi, I have build a system:

600T case, PSU HX1050, H100 with 2 FANs outside (topside) and radiator inside (topside) after removing the original 200mm FAN because 600T doesn't allow for H100 inside the case (there is no room for both FAN/radiator) and both FANs works as intake airflow.

Front FAN work as intake / Rear FAN as exaust.

Want to install 4 add FAN in the lateral door. Is there some kind of disposition that would work better?


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