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Can I buy the Rubber Keys Separately?


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I like the K60. But I just started getting into MMOs and like the K90 for that. Problem is, I play FPS mostly and I'l like to try out those nice red rubber keys on the K60 on the K90.


1. Will I be able to purchase it separately?

2. If I bought both keyboard, would I be able to swap out the rubber domes on these if Q1 is a "no"?


Very interested in these keyboards. Please let me know ASAP as I am in the market to buy before I leave for the GeForce LAN next week!

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I would ask that you support keys for the arrows also.


I am a FPS user that utilizes the arrow keys and the surrounding keys for gaming.


The current membrane setup on that side of the board really limits the usefulness for people like me who use the arrow keys.


Also would like the arrow keys available in the rubber dome....



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Yes, we will have those Rubber keys to be purchased as an accessory.

No eta currently but in short yes. They will be available.


Thank you


I came here to post this exact question...

This is great news and just solidified my decision to get the k90 versus the k60 or another brand mechanical board. I just wish i could test out the cherry reds before i buy lol.


It would also be nice if all of the keys were mechanical... According to some posts on geekhack (per conversations with corsairs customer service) there will be revised boards in Q2... these could possibly be all mechanical...




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I found this....


I think it'll be fully mechanical. I've got another email, up to three now.

Here is the content of all the emails:


Me: "Can the Corsair K90 keyboard be modified so that it's entirely mechanical? If not, is there any chance of a fully mechanical version being released in the future?"

Corsair: "We will have diff model of keyboard in the future so this will be something we will consider thank you."

Me: "Do you have an ETA on this new model? Will it be before Holidays?"

Corsair: "Yes these should be available early December. Thanks"



Me: "Are any full mechanical keyboards going to be released? If so, when?"

Corsair: "We are working on the roadmap and we will have more keyboard and mice coming in Q2 2012 thank you."



Me: "When is the new range of fully mechanical keyboards likely to be released?"

Corsair: "These should be available early next month. Thanks"


So, either next month or Q2 2012.

If it's next month, they must only be doing one run and rapidly changing to a fully mechanical board.


Here's the thread....Post number 5....



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I use my keyboards primarily for high end computing, the programmable keys on the K90 are perfect!

However I do occasionally play FPS on my PC.

When you release the rubber keys could you sell it with the wrist support?

Can I easily remove the wrist support from the K90 and clip on the one from the K60?

Is this how you intend selling the extra keys?

Can you give me some idea of when they may be available?

Should I just wait for the new all mechanical keyboard or will these keys/wrist rest be available for the current K90?



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Well I just got this back from support;

"The rubber keys and the wrist pad for K60 is not sold separately.":[pouts:


So unless someone can definitively tell me they will be available separately someday I think I will have to start looking at having 2 keyboards, a regular IBM for work with a Razor programmable mouse, and a TT keyboard for gaming. That is going to be a pain.

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