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Force GT Firmware Progression + compare vs Force 60GB


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This is the first time i write in a foreign forum, so please excuse for spelling mistakes :sigh!:


As many people i purchased a Force Series GT 60GB (firmware 1.2) and i replaced my old Force 60 GB (never had problems with this one). After 4 days from the installation of the ΟS i experienced my first BSOD and after a reset on pc i couldn't do anything else than format.


After that everything seemed ok and after a day or 2 i installed the appropriate ΙSRT for my motherboard (Asus P8P67 Deluxe). The same day and the day after i experienced freezes on my pc. I had the idea to uninstall the intel smart response technology and the result was no freezes at all from that moment.


In the meantime as i write in a Greek forum i made a review about Corsair Force 60Gb vs Corsair Force GT 60Gb so the results from series of benchmarks you can find them here: http://myplaisio.gr/user-labs/corsair-force-60gb-vs-corsair-force-gt-60gb-review You can't read Greek ofcourse but you can all the benchies comparing a Force Gt vs a Force series. The only strange result was in AS SSD benchmark in which when i first bought Force 60Gb was 370 and the brand new GT is 316 :confused: and i can't explain that.


After 4 days from the first BSOD and the format i had my second BSOD and a format (i have read all the information from this forum about the known problems). So i moved to the next option the Firmware upgrade to 1.3


So i installed 1.3 and anything was ok for 8 days. After that BSOD but i didn't press the reset button. I turned off the pc and then restart and everything was ok.


3 Days have passed since then and when i will have another one i will install the 1.3.2


Note: I haven't done anything else (secure erase, complete clearing of the BIOS e.t.c.) other than firmware upgrade to solve the problem.



So my questions are:

1) Is the ΙSRT responsible for freezes? Is it safe to install it again?

2) Is there a possible explanation for the low result in AS SSD due to the fact that doth ssds tested in the same pc (51% free disk space for Force 60GB 37% for GT)?

3) Maybe this is a silly question by the way :o:

Is ot ok if i shut down the pc when a BSOD appears and then start it again?(i mean i wont have to do a format every time a BSOD appears?).


From my experience till now firmware upgrades may solve the problems not all of them but still something is being done :

Firmware 1.2 -> 1 BSOD every 4 days

Firmware 1.3 -> 1 BSOD every 8 days

Firmware 1.3.2 -> 1 BSOD every ?(16)? days :biggrin:



Other than that i am very pleased with the performance of GT especially if question No 3 is correct.


When i will have more info with 1.3.2 i will report


Thank you for your time to read all these.

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10 Days after updating with 1.3.2 not a single problem and counting.


25/9/201 teckreport:


''SandForce's official statement on the subject shifts a lot of the blame to host drivers and "isolated" hardware configurations, so the root cause is unclear. However, the company has confirmed that it has been testing new firmware that tweaks how drives handle different power states, background operations, and errors. That firmware "appears to be yielding positive results," so it may not be a silver bullet. We'll have to revisit the SandForce drives when this new firmware trickles down to end users, which should be in a matter of weeks.''






SandForce BSOD Firmware Bug: Fix Finally Available




Be patient for a few days. I'm sure 3.3.2 firmware update for Corsair is not far away

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