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TW3X4G1600C6GT issue!! please help!!


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I bought a pair of DDRAM 3 with the number part: TW3X4G1600C6GT in 2009 in America. It was a great pair that i've ever used until now. One of DDRAM 3 in the pair was broken. I test them one by one in the system, and the broken one can not get into the windows (sometimes it gave me the blue screen and automatically back to restart the system again and again). the good one can get into the windows and run alone as well as normal. The problem is I don't live in America any more. I move back to my country now.


The question is:

Can I ship back the pair to the manufacture to get an RMA ???

How to do an RMA form or any things similar ???

Are there any procedures to do an RMA ???


ps: i can not find out that pair information or the number part on Corsair website any more.

so help me... thank you very much...

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