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SSD question(s) about installing in old MB

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I have an old ASUS motherboard that only has SATA 3GBs.


I run a couple of RAID 0 arrays with no problem.


But now I want to take one of the arrays that has been my boot drive and use it for data and install a Force 3 120 GB SSD for a boot drive.


I'm hoping that posting here might save me a bunch of trouble.


I intend to do a complete backup before attempting any install, then I will remove my current boot array and one other SATA drive used for general purposes that I really don't need.


Will the Force 3 work with my old MB?

Is there anything I might need to do to get it to work?


I see mention in the forums of updated drivers. I just bought the SSD yesterday. There was no driver disk with it. If I install Windows 7 64 bit from my original disks with there be drivers? Do I need to get new(er ) drivers? If so how do I get them installed when installing Windows 7?


I think, for safety, it would be good to disconnect all hard drives and install the SSD by itself and install Windows 7 on it and then add the other drives in once I have the new SSD working.


Anyone have any suggestions as to the best way to go about what I want to do?

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-Yes the Force 3 is compatible with SATA 3GB/S

-Configure your BIOS to RAID and install IRST after Windows Installation

-If you are talking about the IRST F6 install. head over to the Intel Download Center and you can find them there.

-Yes, Disconnect every hard drive and leave the SSD connected during Windows Installation.


NOTE: I recommend you get another LGA775 motherboard as your current motherboard uses an Nvidia chipset. Which in the past some users have reported it as not getting the speed the SSDs can give or expected.


If you choose to use RAID without taking the Note. Secure erase your SSD then create your RAID array.

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OK I downloaded ATTO but not being a drive guru --- hmmm or a guru on anything come to think off it --- I didn't know what all the various settings were so I just let it run with the defaults it came with since I didn't know any better.


I have a attached a screen shot of the results. Not sure how to embed it in the message. Hope it works ok.


This is the results of my C drive which is a SATA RAID 0 Array.


Not sure if this would be considered good readings for that kind of setup or not.

Don't know if the SSD would do any better.


Opinions? Suggestions? Jokes


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Probably the BIOS ... the MB is about 6 years old. I went to ASUS and sent in a query and they said it would work but only on the blue SATA slot and there would be no TRIM.


I don't even remember seeing a blue SATA port. Seems to be they were all brown. Will have to look.


But I think I just need to bite the bullet and build a new computer.


But first, I think I will drop the SSD in my ASUS G1 laptop which isn't quite as old. It has the latest BIOS which is from 2009 as I recall. Good chance it might work better in there. ANYTHING would be better than the 5400 rpm drive in it now.


I don't use it much. Got it to demo Windows 7 stuff to the computer club and mostly now my owner uses it and she leaves my desktop alone :)

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I don't use it much. Got it to demo Windows 7 stuff to the computer club and mostly now my owner uses it and she leaves my desktop alone :)


... your owner :bigeyes:? I have you suspected of being a dog, sir. And a very clever one at that :laughing:!

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