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TX850W loud


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Hi from yesterday i have new corsair TX850W problem is fan i loud and look like

the fan speed does not change i checked psu exhaust temp and it` 25-27

my friend have same pc and same psu and his psu is silent


Question is if i want RMA where i have to sent it i`m living in UK WS10


one more i tested psu without motherboard ..... only fan and psu and it`s same noise ~!!!!

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From what i know from my expiriance i have seen PSU and their fan has stop working months and thay still work!newer psu have protection if the fan stop working then it's shutdown but i don't know about fried PSU fan,i had your psu and i stoped once the fan manualy becouse i had a buzzing sound in the psu,does your psu is shuting down your pc?if you have problem go to your reseller....
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so i have one tx850 which is bit loud but i think i have to live with this :)

and my friend have another one same one he damage grill and fan in transport so any way he lost warranty but i checked it any way and psu is working just need new fan so question is what fan is good for it because original one i think is up to 140 cfm it`s very high so waht fan can i use ?

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What i now fan need low start voltage ?????


is it any good


Dimensions: 140x140x25mm

Colour: Black

Weight: 135g

Nominal voltage: 12V

Starting voltage: 4,5V

Current draw: 0,2A

Nominal speed: 1700rpm (+/-10%)

Airflow: 153m³/h / 90.056CFM

Noise emission: 27 dB(A)

MTBF (25°C): 120000hrs

Connector: 3-Pin Molex plug with rpm lead

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did you open the PSU? if so then the warranty is void. just buy a decent 80mm fan (i think its 80mm) and splice it in. if you did not "break the seal" just request an RMA.


ROFLMAO! Is that a member of Sea Sheapard?


@the OP Yes they should shut itself down once it hits it's critical temperature.

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