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Macbook Sata negociation speed


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I just bought a brand new SSD for my Macbook 13" Unibody Late 2008. The SSD i bought is the Corsair Force 3 GT 120g which is supposed to be backwards compatible with SataII. Problem is that it is only communicating at Sata I speeds.


My Macbook has a chipset from nVidia, it is called MPC79 and it is Sata II 3Gb capable. My older spinning plate HDD was working at 3Gb as was reporting System Profiler: Negotiated Link Speed : 3 Gbps. The Corsair SSD is showing 1.5 Gbps connection in System Profiler, that gives me 100m write and 130m read. It should be more like 250 for both.


A friend of mine has the exact same Macbook, he bought a (not allowed to show brand) M4 64g and it is working at 3Gb like it supposed to be. It was at 1,5 Gb until he updated the firmware of the SSD.


I updated my SSD with the latest firmware 1.3.2 but that did not change anything. Did anyone found a fix for this?


I hope that Corsair can repair this problem as soon as possible.

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I just did the same and have the same problem (same macbook, same ssd). I upgraded the firmware to 1.3.3, but it didn't fix the problem.


I assume this is an Apple issue? I saw that the MacBookPro had a similar issue and it was fixed with a firmware update for the sata controller (http://support.apple.com/kb/ht3561). There isn't a similar update for the MacBook.

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