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AX1200 melted 24 pin connector


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My 24 pin connector on my PSU melted. I'm not sure if the PSU is still safe to use after my mobo melted it. I have an xtra cable to replace it from a previous RMA. It was an issue that I have 3x 570 and the board was using to much current or my gpu's, don't understand all the technical details I read. The system ran fine with 1 card and no problems but in tri sli is when it happened. It passes the paper clip test but for the life of me I can't find my psu tester to give a more accurate reading. I'm in the process of RMAing my mobo and was just wondering will it be safe to use my PSU. It was a brand new one from RMA I received almost 3 weeks ago.



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Those MOBOs are notorious for this type of failure. For that type of power draw, users at the EVGA forums have recommended a mod to help reduce the current pulled thru the 24pin connector.


Most likely your PSU is OK if it's passing the paperclip test.


whew thanks :D:


Yeah I've seen the mod and I'm not comfortable doing it so I ordered a EVGA power boost.

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