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Corsair F120 slow response times


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My computer has started to pause and frequently crash. When I say pause, I don't mean everything freezes, as parts of the user interface and some programs are still responsive. My processor load is typically 0 - 1% at these points and the processor temp is normal (45 - 50C).


After a lot of searching on the internet, I've started using Resource Monitor to look at the disk activity. What I noticed during these pauses is that the C: disk activity is at a 100% with but with very little data transferred. All of the file entries gradually disappear and then suddenly start reappearing with very slow response times 10,000 - 120,000ms. Then everything springs back to life for a bit. Typical response times during normal operation are in the region of 0 - 2ms. Eventually the system switches off or BSODs.


Running chkdsk /r on the disk after the eventual crash doesn't report any bad sectors on the disk. I'm not sure if a bad sector is meaningful as I understand SSDs shuffle data around internally for the purposes of wear levelling. I've run the Microsoft memory checker after one of these crashes and it didn't report any errors. I've run ATTO and most of the figures are as you would expect, 200 - 230 MBs once the file size gets large enough. However some of the results are very low, about 5MBs.


The disk has been in the machine for about 6 months. Is it dying?

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I have the same situation with my drive. Running 1.3.3. Levnovo x61 bios 1.25. Windows 7 x64 SP1.


The i/o just paused for about a minute every couple minutes then resumes. Running burnin on it now and it seems ok.


What is causing the i/o pause? The i/o light (hard drive) is illuminated constantly during these instances.


Defective drive?





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