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Win 7 install issues Force Series 3 120 GB


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I recently purchased 120gb series 3. Current situation, drive install and appears to be stable. Played BF3 for a few hours tonight with no issues.


Concerns/issues, orginally attempted a fresh win 7 x64 from usb. Removed all drives except the ssd. During the start of the install it asked for drivers, im assuming the Sata ones. I downloaded intel SRT drivers to USB and selected the disc. Said the driver was compatable but would not install, something along the lines that the driver wasnt latest/new.


Installed orginal HD and booted up windows. From inside the OS i ran windows 7 install. Selected load drivers, used the intel SRT drivers again and was able to do a fresh install with no issues. Removed old HD and started the pc up. It would not boot, would scroll some lines about pcix, etc. Replaced the old HD in addition to the SSD and restarted. Booted with no issues, everything appears stable.


What is required to do a fresh install of win 7 without my old HD?

Could i remove my old HD and boot the SSD?

Sorry for the wall of text, wanted to provide plenty of info.


Laptop Asus G73SW

Core I7

8 gig Ram

GeForce 460GTX

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-Instead of a USB drive can you use the DVD disk?

-For the IRST drivers check the Asus Support page for one that is compatible with your laptop. (it may be old but it might work).


2.Yes you can remove your old hard drive and boot from the SSD if Windows is installed. Is AHCI enabled in the BIOS?.

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I believe your system boot partition is on your HDD. After all you installed Windows onto your SSD via your HDD. That is why you cannot boot into your SSD when you remove the HDD.


If you want to install Windows directly onto your SSD you will have to boot directly from the Windows installation DVD. It would be best to remove the HDD first or else Windows might write the boot partition to the HDD again. After installing to the SSD you can reattach the HDD and choose which drive to boot to through the BIOS.

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