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650D - USB 3.0 Front Panel?


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I'm looking at pictures of this case (a specific pict from n ewegg) showing the open front panel and it looks to me like there are two USB3.0 ports and 2 USB2.0


Yet the specs all say 1 USB3.0




Can some one help me out please? I did a build on this case like 2 weeks ago and tbh I did it just on the look of the port. I used the 2 USB pass through cables to hook up to the USB3.0 ports on the back of the motherboard, but if only one of the front panel is 3.0 then I'm screwing my brother out of a 3.0 port.

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K thanks that's what I thought.


It's amazing how many different places all just copied 1x3.0 USB.


I think I only found one place and that was a review on the cases all retailers I checked and three other reviewers all said only one.

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