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Is this a good AS SSD score for RAID0


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I think your speeds could be better. Your ATTO would be acceptable if it was just 1 standalone drive. Something's amiss.


Edit: It seems like your 2 SSDs are attached to SATA2 ports on the mobo. That's what your ATTO is telling me.


They ae connected to sata 3 ports 0 and 1 and Im using sata 3 cables. The firmware is the latest 1.3.2

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Could you try changing the SATA3 ports around? Like using SATA3_4 and SATA3_5 or SATA3_2 and SATA3_3. See if there is a difference.


Edit: Also make sure that "OnChip SATA RAID5 Support" is Enabled in BIOS.


I try switching them around.

I have raid5 support disabled, or else it wont load windows correctly.


But Ill give it a go


edit: The raid5 enabled gives me bsod mid way thru w7 load screen. I think Im giving up on raid and Ill stick to ahci mode instead.

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