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Void PSU by removing stickers NOT Screws


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Hey guys quick question,


I have an AX1200


I wanted to know if it voids the warranty if I remove the side AX1200 stickers as well as the top sticker? (which I can keep stored away in wax paper).


Not the "Void If Removed" sticker that I will keep in place.


Reason asking is because I wanted to make up my own in Adobe and replace the stickers, in a different color scheme.


Thanks in advance :]

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Technically yes it would but if you save the original stickers and reinstall them should you have an issue it will more then likely be okay but there is no way we would be able to say until it was inspected.
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I had an HX1000 and I know I voided by removing all the stickers/screws for paint since the mobo cables were not modular, and needed to sleeve some MDPC cable sleeving.



Hopefully keeping the original stickers stored for the AX1200 on wax paper will not void my warranty!

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