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LOUD TX950, rma'd, still loud!


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Im very dissapointed in the RMA that I got! There seemed to be a capacitor buzzing in my power supply whenever hard drive data is read. I RMAd the power supply, got the new one in excited to finally have a quiet computer, and boom. Same issue (maybe louder)! i did the bios settings and everything mentioned in the sticky, but nothing worked.


The sound is so bad I cant even sleep with my computer on. it sounds like a million cockroaches screaming as loud as they can.



HAF X Case,


ASUS Rampage III Extreme Mobo

2x Geforce 480 SLI (evga)

6 Gig DDR3 gsk1ll PI 1600 ram

7 various hard drives (1 a 0CZ 120g SSD).

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit.


What can I do to fix this?

Note: I requested an ADVANCE Rma about this, so I need to know what i should do, send the old one back even though this one is having the same issue?

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Also, nice censorship corsair. Glad to know you actually want to know the specs of my computer so people can help me with the issues with YOUR product.


edit: ive removed all other harddrives from my system except os, and it makes the same noise.

edit2: tested each graphics card individually, same issue. so I doubt its them. the squealing only starts once the system hits the windows loading screen.

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I am having the same problem but corsair doesn't reply with anything but to rma the psu. But to help you with your problem ive also heard that old wiring may cause noise so I would try a different outlet. I have also heard that having certain things plugged into the same outlet as the computer it make make noise. I cannot vouch for these methods because I'm living in dorm rooms at a college and I only have two outlets in my room.
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Ive actually moved since having the problem and am still having the problem. have also tried different outlets around the house.


Since my last post, i tried removing and testing everything, ram, harddrives, video cards, fans, etc. I can guarentee its the power supply.

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  • Corsair Employees

Hello Blaine,


Do you have all the drives connected to a single cable with splitters or moderately divided between the seperate power cables?


Also you may want to try booting off one HD and adding additional drive until you replicate the noise issue.


Thank you

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  • 3 months later...

Just wanted to report back on this.

Very dissatisfied, got my 2nd rma and it has the same issue. Customer service told me they would get me 2 prepaid shipping labels with the 2nd one, but i dont think i got any.


Ive been too lazy to ship the RMAs back yet myself. maybe if i had the shipping labels...


Man I wish they would fix my problem!


Can i request to RMA to a different series of psu? i still cant even sleep in the same room with my computer on.

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