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Force3 Not Detected by Upgrade Tool


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Hi, new here as my drive was delivered with firmware 1.3 - I'm now trying to get to version 1.3.2.


The upgrade tool fails to recognize my drive when connected to the Marvell 9120 controller I use - not surprisingly since this is noted.


So, if I transfer to the onboard Nvidia controller of my board - where the drive is only recognized as a SATA1 device (hence the Marvell controller) and try again I get the same problem - no device detected.


This is running the tool directly or 'as administrator'.


Surely there's some way round this, it can't seriously be expected that I return the drive to Corsair EVERY time I now wish to upgrade the firmware on a drive that seems to be fundamentally flawed by it's own controller ?


The upgrade tool itself must be severely compromised in some way that it cannot detect a drive that Windows itself is running from ?


and, no, I don't have a friend with a suitable board that I can just pop it into to perform the flash. I shouldn't have to, not really.


I do have access to both LSI Megaraid SAS 8408 & 8708 raid controllers if somebody could confirm that it would be possible to upgrade with the drive attached to either of these ?


Many thanks for any suggestions.



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Many thanks for the v-quick response...


So is there no liklihood of an improved flash-tool in the future that may be able to detect through a Marvell controller - it is after-all a very common controller so not too much of a stretch to imagine the disks are going to end up attached to these ?


Thanks again

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OK - fixed it with a bit more experimentation.


For the drive to be detected (and flashed successfully) :-


it was re-connected to the onboard NVidia controller.

IDE mode NOT AHCI had to be used.


The firmware does not help with regards to the drive being detected as a SATA1 device by the NVidia controller (in case that's of any use to anybody other than me!)

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