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Flow direction of the H60 Series


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Hey Folks :hihi:


I'm planning to upgrade my H60 with a new,

way thicker radiator and a reservoir tomorrow.


When looking at the top of the pump the tubes on the right hand side -

which one is the out- and the ingoing tube for the pump?


I already saw a review with an opened system and

I’d guess the lower one is for »out« but I'm not quite sure...


Thanks a lot in advance!


Btw. I could take some photos of the finished mod if you wish?! ;)

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AFAIK, with the pump positioned as you described, the top is the inlet, the bottom is the outlet. Someone did a similar mod and posted pics of it, can't find it now of course. Sure, pics of your mod would be interesting. Good luck!
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Okay, I finally got it.

I changed the regular radiator with a Phobya 120mm G-Changer 1.2 and

also built in a Phobya 5,25" bay reservoir. The tubing I used is 6mm id

and the output of the H60 is indeed the lower line of the corsair pump.


With a Single Noiseblocker Blacksilent Pro PL2 pulling air through the

radiator to the inner case at 5V, my i7 920 at 3,33Ghz now has

a temperature drop of 20°C, from about 70°C max with prime to +/-50°C max.

(Both this evening at stable ambient temperatures after about half an hour. :eek:


It was really fun, modding a closed system and customizing/tuning it and in the end,

to see such a nice performance increase. :D


As promised, I will provide some pics in the next few days.


Best regards,


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The pump is strong enough so you can position the radiator in either direction. For the fans you can also set that up which ever way makes more sense for your heat in the case. I recommend to some users to try it both ways and see what leads to better temps.
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