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Carbride 500r - US Version usable in Europe - Availability?


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i want to build my new pc system into a Corsair Carbide 500r case :)


Problem is i want to build it as soon as possible, and the 500r is not available in europe (germany) yet.

Does anybody have any information about the estimated shipping dates to european resellers (Because they do not)?


Anyway - since i have not time to wait for weeks (and being exited all the time) i was thinking about ordering

it from the US. But im not sure if the electronics inside the case can be runned with a european power supply.

So i would be happy to hear some information about this.


Im not so talented power conversion, volt and watt and such things - so im sorry for this maybe stupid question -

but i wasnt able to find anything on the internet. I would appreciate your help.


Thank you very much and best regards

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