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My Force 3 120 GB & Firmware v1.3.2 update


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Not important post... just a happy feedback... and to the point, it's all working as it should be now :D:


I've been using SSD's since the first generation and simply decided to upgrade to one that supported TRiM and also makes use of SATA 3 compatible motherboard (which I hope to upgrade to within the next 6 months). I've only had my Corsair F3 120Gb for a month, but like some, I was having stability issues.


Mine wasn't so serious, but mostly annoying and slowed my daily work flow down, as well as just everyday entertainment for our abode. I haven't seen BSOD's in ages and as the SSD was the most recent thing to change, it was luckily obvious it was happy. I thought it was just my 4+ year old system being... old!


However, I read through all I could, did the initial update to Firmware update v1.3.1 and hoped for the best. Sadly again, it would crash Windows every 24 hours roughly and need resetting (pull out the drive and plug back in) to get the system BiOS to see the drive again. This wasn't terrible and Windows started up perfectly fine after, but seriously annoying, especially when rendering images or video over night... or even leaving it to download and install BF3... LoL!


Just when I thought I'd post a quick moan and see what help I could get, that lovely Yellowbeard'ed chap posted the link for Firmware update v1.3.2 :cool:


It's been: 3 day, 2 hours and 40 minutes since the system was last rebooted, after firmware updating the drive and in London, we've been going through a most unusual heat wave in October, with the system on the entire time, doing all I do daily (films, gaming, music, internet, email, editing, compositions, teaching, etc)... working pretty much flat out and not a single glitch :biggrin:


My system is old, so you'll excuse my school-girl laughter, as it really does please me when it runs so well, keeps us all happy, entertained daily, without failure, now with an SSD WEi score of 7.6 and means I can wait for another 5-6 months easily before pushing to really upgrade my motherboard, CPU, memory, and Graphics card :laughing:


With this solid firmware update and support, I can feel comfortable saving my pennies, and purchasing more of your brand again ;):

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