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H70 rma issues wrong rma form, no help!


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I have tried now 4 times to get a rma for this H70 cooler.

When I turn on the computer, it sounds like a fish tank filter that has gone dry.

There reply is to move the radiator's above the the cpu. turn off the smart fan in the bios. This H70 has been working for a while and now it's making noise until I pick up the 40lb hurrican case and tip the fans toward the celing. SWEET HUH!

Sometimes I have to power the power to the H70 pump three to 5 times before the rattling goes away.


The radiators are not below the CPU in case you think they might be.

There is NO way to mount them anywhere else other where they are now.

I am not going to hack the case what a company.

Keep in mind that this just started just about a week ago.


I requested a rma and I get the RMA for memory chips and not the H70



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I would try and turn the Radiator 180 Deg so the hoses are at the bottom, the sound you hear is normal and because the way you have it installed Air is getting reintroduced in the water flow and case it to make gurgling sound like a fish tank.
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