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xms 3000 and k8v deluxe w/ 64 3200+


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I'll start off by saying that i'm at work, so i don't have a part number for the ram and am not able to work on my computer until tonight. I just bought the asus K8V deluxe w/ amd 64 3200+. I have an old stick of xms pc3000 that has worked great in my p4 system for 2 years or so. I tossed it on my new mobo and got blue screens. I know the fsb runs at 200mhz for this processor, but i was thinking i could try overclocking this ram while i wait to get money to buy pc3200. I bumped up the voltage to 2.7 and the ram works great. Very stable. However, this system is slower than my p4 1.8. I ran CPU-Z and my FSB is at 157. It also says that i have pc2700, but it's supposed to be pc3000 (I know pc3000 is just OC'ed pc2700). I went into bios and tried to force it to go higher, but it won't and it corrupted my HDD - had to format it again. I have everything set to auto in bios, and the timings show 2.5-3-3-8(?), from what i remember. What can i do? It seems like this stick is bad, since it won't even run at pc2700 speeds. Thanks in advance, _lude
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