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H70 "water/bubble" noise


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Dear all,


I have had the H70 on my build for the past couple of month. I have noticed, a while after receiving the unit, a water/bubble noise (can't really describe it much better) that is very noticeable every 10 secs or so. It doesn't bother me too much and I did read it might be a bubble trapped somewhere... I am just afraid that it will develop into a bigger problem.


Can you guys recommend on what to do? That would be super...



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Thank you very much for your answer!


The temps are fine, but the noise only started a while after I received my system. Recentely I can hear it more often, rather than having the noise fade away. Can you please advise on some other strategy to solve this issue?

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How is it it mounted in your system; If you can post a Picture that would help?


So, this is my original setup:




I have now turned it around, so that the tubing are facing down.




After I moved it around, the pump was making a crazy noise like an aquarium pump, that faded away after a while. It now seems to be quite silent (the pump) and haven't heard it for a while.


I have, although, a fear... If there is a little leak, the water is going to fall straight on top of the GPU. Shouldn't I be concerned? What if I would like to have the tubing facing up instead (even if for aesthetical reasons)? Could I try to do something to prevent the bubbling noise???


Thank you so much for your help and advises,


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That was what I was going to suggest you do change the orientation of the radiator and its not uncommon for it to cause air to get into the pump and cause cavitation. So you should be fine!
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