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Well, I purchased my new Corsair SP2500 Speakers...


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... through ITSDirect as I said I would, and I have to say, they're AWESOME! I'm just running them with the On-Board Audio from my ASUS Mobo, and god they sound great! The fantastic, atmospheric sound of Dead Space, the great Cop Chases from Need For Speed Most Wanted, A State of Trance, music from the 80's, Time Team on the iView... damn, guys, no matter what I put through them the SP2500 set brings it all to life! Also, RAMGUY was right; NO ISSUES with the Control Pod or any other aspect whatsoever!


The Control Pod briefly flashes white when the system is turned on, but that's all - then it displays the Corsair SP2500 startup logo/screen as it should... and if the control pod screen is black, then it's just gone into power saving mode; it'd be silly if the screen was on all the time! And the Satellites... I didn't think they'd be this big! They're rock-solid chunky things, and they've got great weight, and great sound to 'em!


The only thing I can suggest would be for Corsair to make a cover for the Subwoofer Port (I taped some fly-screen mesh over mine) to stop mice and other nastiness getting inside that awesome, phat sub. Thank you, Corsair, for producing such a wonderful sound system for us all!

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