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Corsair 600T WHS 2011 Build

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This is my Corsair 600T WHS 2011 Build.


This is my first computer build in MANY years, last one was in middle school (now 24 yrs old). Many things have changed sense then ha, this is also my fist desktop I have owned in many many years as well as I have had laptops for many years. This is a Windows Home Server 2011 build for my apartment to keep all my data centralized, keep backups current, and able to access my data from anywhere if needed. I was going to go with a simple nas box but decided to try this out.




Case: Corsair 600T

CPU: Intel i3-2105

MoBo: Asus P8H67-M Pro

CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-D14

PSU: Corsair CX600

RAM: ******** Rip Jaws 8 GB

Optical: Asus DVD-RW

NIC: Intel Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter - PCI-E

OS: Windows Home Server 2011 64-Bit

LCD Screen: Matrix Orbital GLK19264


System - WS Black 640 GB 7200 RPM

Storage - Samsung Spinpoint F3 1 TB (2x, Windows Mirrored)



Front 200mm (Corsair Stock, newer 1000rpm option)

Front 80mm Noctua thru ######## HDD Cooler (No disks in cooler)


200mm (Corsair Stock, newer 1000 rpm option)

Rear Enermax Magma 120mm


Corsair 120 mm cooling HDDs


Waiting on my internal USB cable for the lcd screen but for now this works.


Some pics of the setup, any comments on any improvements that can be made or comments would be appreciated. Cooling seems to be good, CPU is idling around 26-27C and can go down to 24C depending on room temp, at Prime95 load it will go up to around 40C. HDDs are staying at around 27-30C with at load temps around a degree or two higher. Using a IR temperature meter the south-bridge (H67 chipset) is around 105-110F at idle, does this seem right?





















Little overkill for a server, sure, but it will be used for media streaming to my PS3 and will be doing good amount of transcoading and thus the newer i3-2105 which has the Intel HD 3000 graphics vs the i3-2100 which has the 2000 version and for $10 more might as well.

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How are you liking WHS 2011? I used to be a huge WHS advocate, but once they removed DriveExtender out of it for the current version I jumped ship to Amahi. I will still keep my HP MediaSmart server for (bootable) backups on my Windows boxes, but all of my data storage and other services will be handled by Amahi.


By the way, very nice build. I will have to check out that LCD display you have in the top 5.25" bay -- very cool.

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So far I am liking it, drive extender was not a deal breaker as you can run hw or sw raid in whs 2011 and 1 tb for me is a good amount of storage as I am currently only using something like 400gb of the 1tb drive.


If you get a LCD screen go with a 4 line x 20 char lcd as it will be easier to find programs to run it. The one I got was not the best choice and had to hack around to get it to work and ended up with small text size.

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Its a 2 bay 3x HDD holder. I currently have no drives in there but for future expansion i can put some in there right now it is just helping get little more air in there to help equal out the intake/exhaust.
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