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Replacement PSU for an old rig HELP required


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My rig has an Asus A8V Deluxe motherboard and the PSU died a week or so ago. Fortunately I have and old PSU from another machine which I am using for now, but would rather have a new PSU with future proofing (who knows when this old 10 years + PSU may give up the ghost).


I had settled on an AX850 (seemed to be everything I could ask for), which I bought. However when booting, my system always failed its VGA test and I was left with a blank screen and my machine would not boot. For graphics I have an HIS Radeon HD3850 IceQ3 512MB GDDR3 - requires a PCI-E power connector.


After lots of searching and help from the seller of the PSU (which is currently on RMA with a view to a refund), I found http://pinouts.ru/Power/atxpower_pinout.shtml, detailing the pins on my motherboard (it uses 20 not 24 pins) and noticed that pin 18 (on a 20 pin connector, 20 on a 24 pin connector) is required. That pin is also shown as having been made optional in ATX v1.2 and removed in ATX v2.01.:mad:


Because it is difficult to find pinout diagrams for PSUs (goodness knows why...I've only found 2 I think), I believe that The AX850 does not have the pin detailed above - can anyone confirm this? If my assumption is correct, can anyone suggest a PSU on a par with the AX850 having the pin detailed in the paragraph above?


I'm planning on upgrading my system this time next year (should hopefully have saved enough for it by then), so I want something future proof and quite beefy as I'm planning to build a long lasting rig (a bit like this one really, 6 years+ and only needed to replace my graphics card because it died, in that time!)


Thanks in advance.

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