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Loyal VX450W user seeking suitable replacement PSU


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I've been building PCs with Corsair VX450W PSUs for a few years, and have been completely happy with the results. No RMAs, they're quiet, and no other issues to speak of.


However, since the VX450W has been discontinued, I've been a bit stuck for finding a decent replacement.


I tried the CX430, but out of 5, 4 have given me problems (three with an intermittent S3 standby issue, one with a screeching fan). I tried a competitor's PSU, which was completely satisfactory, but there's a question mark over whether it's going to be discontinued. I also tried the GS600 and TX650V2, but compared to the VX450W they're significantly more noisy. I have a new PC build with a TX650V2, I'm sitting just over a metre away from it and right next to my PC (same spec except with a better processor and a graphics card), and I can't hear my PC running because the TX650V2 is drowning it out. Neither the GS600 or the TX650V2 are making unhealthy sounds, just very noisy, the sort of level I would expect a rock-bottom PSU for a third of the price to make.


I don't mind paying about £60 to get a nice (quiet, reliable, 3 - 5 yr warranty) PSU, I used to pay about £55 for the VX450W, but I am somewhat disappointed by the GS600 and TX650V2. I have ran each on their own with a PSU tester, and it's definitely the PSUs that are the source of the noise.


Average PC spec that I'm building:


AMD Athlon II X2 250


4GB DDR3-1333

500GB Seagate SATA HD


Win7 HP 64.


I want a PSU that will handle a high-end AMD processor for this board (which apparently can handle AM3+ CPUs too), a nice graphics card, and say an extra hard disk.


Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry about the long time to reply, but you are asking for a different model of PSU that is more quiet correct?

And have you looked up your configuration on our PSU configurator?

You will find it on the main web site bottom right side of the main page click Okay then select PSU then enter your system configuration and it will give you a list.

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I think he's asking for one that is comparable in build quality especially to the VX450, as well as noise and price/value. And that while the CX430 competes okay in power output and is cheaper than the VX450, it seems it is a step down in build quality due to it being designed to be cheaper to manufacture (I'm guessing the VX450 was low margin).


I also liked using the VX450 for cheaper builds without compromising quality.

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Hello i will ask about warranty VX450, if i claim(return) warranty corsair VX450 when i bought at februari 2011, i will get corsair CX500, it's true?

So my psu warranty will follow VX450 warranty(5 years) or will follow corsair CX500 warranty(3 years)?


The Spec is the basically the same just updated to ATX 2.1 from ATX 2.03 is about the only difference.

What has different about ATX 2.03 and ATX 2.1?

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