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Strange performance issue Force Series


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I just switched from Ubuntu to windows.

The SSD i have is F80GBP 2.

I think it was fine in ubuntu.


Now I installed windows 7 b4 bit.

Some tests in windows suggest my disk i/o is around 60-70 MB/s, which of course far from specification.

I used the ATTO benchmark, it shows around 500mb/s write 2000mb/s read!!


I can not perform firmware update because after update it still shows firmware v1.1, maybe because im using SATA3 interface.


Anyone had same experience or suggestion please help. sorry for my bad english in advance.

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I've seen this strange phenomena before. I think it has something to do with the caching on the drive, that's why the speeds are so insanely high.


If you just installed Windows 7, I think you should secure erase the drive first and then re-install. Most likely something went wrong when you formatted the drive or the alignment is off.


You should use Parted Magic live CD to secure erase the drive, it literally takes a second, then re-install windows and don't format the drive but let it install directly to the unformatted partition. It will format the drive itself and align it properly this way.

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