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Boot problem when using XMP - CMX6GX3M3B2000C9

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Hi Guys


My first time here.


Ive just upgraded my RAM to 6GB (3x2) CMX6GX3M3B2000C9 XMS2 on my ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 with Core i7 920 D0 Stepping (SLBEJ).


When I choose the XMP profile I have to manually adjust the voltage to 1.64. I leave everything else at AUTO but the system then refuses to boot.


When I restart I get a BIOS warning that the "overclock" settings didnt work.


With everything AUTO its interpreted as 1066Ghz RAM :(:


Can anyone guide me on the suggested settings for this RAM. (I dont want to overclock just now as my current Scythe Mugen 2 CPU Cooler is only good for standard settings).


I was a little disturbed to see that this RAM kit doesn't appear in the list of suggested RAM for the ASUS P6T Deluxe V2. Guess I should have checked here first! :!oops:


But this RAM kit was advertised as recommended for all i7 systems. :confused:


Have I made a booboo or can it be made to work?


Thanks for any assistance.


B R :biggrin:



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Hi Board Room!

Anytime you are running your memory over the default of 1333mhz you are indeed overclocking. The Integrated Memeory Controller to be exact. That resides on the cpu itself now instead of the MB like in the"old days" . And 2000mhz is a pretty hefty overclock for a 920. Your MB may be able to run it, but that no way guarentees that your CPU will be able to handle it. Most 920's top out at about 1700mhz ,anything after that they wont post.If you can get it to post at default speeds run CPU-z and look at the memory tab and write down the different timing profiles for each SPD. There will be different timings for the XMP profile and each step down in speed after that.

What you can do is set your voltage to 1.65v like as in XMP, QPI?Dram voltage to 1.35v, set your timings manually and lower your frequency to 1866 and see if it will post. If it does, that may be the highest you can go with that CPU. If it still fails to post, lower your frequency to 1600mhz and try again.


If after all that you are still having problems, i would load setup defaults and test each stick individually with Memtest86 to rule out any problem sticks.If you do test with memtest be sure to disable USB legacy Support in your BIOS as this could cause false possitives when running memtest.Good Luck!

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Hi peanutz94


Thanks very much for your helpful and informative reply. And my apologies for the delay in responding.


I tried your initial suggestions 1.65v, 1.35v QPI, and 1866Mhz. My system booted up and ran absolutely fine and scoring a max 7.9 windows index (yeah I know its not the greatest of bench mark tests!). However when I started playing one of my few games, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, it would crash soon after logging in to a server.


I reduced the freq to 1600mhz and its been running fine ever since. My windows index went down to 7.8 but so what!


Its intertsting to me that my previous RAM - Corsair Dominator 3GB kit (TR3X3G1866C9DF) - ran fine at near to 1800mhz.


So I'm curious to know if theres anything I can safely tweak to try and get the new RAM to run just that little bit bit faster?


I'm still learning my way around all these manual settings but of course dont want to over do it and damage anything.


Thanks again.


B R :biggrin:

PS Anyone interested in buying my TR3X3G1866C9DF 3GB Kit?? Is it allowed to ask such things here?

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Hello again peanutz94


I noticed in your specs that you've got your 920 running at 3.8.


What CPU cooler are you using?


I managed to get mine up to 4Ghz! It was stable and the temps were fine at idle. But as soon as I started to play a game or running a stress test it would go thermonuclear!


So as I want my CPU to last for a good few years yet and until I can invest in a Cooler more appropriate for overclocking I've got it running at its stock speed. 8^(





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Hey BR i have a custom water cooling loop with a RAM water block add in. I had the same problem with heat on air. Soooo i finally took the plunge!

And WOW what a difference that made on temps. I went from high 80'sc in Prime to 55-58c at full load now.

My OC is using the 19 multi with a 200bck for 3.8 and a tad over 1600mhz memory. It's plenty fast for me and all the games i throw at it. Plus it runs cool and completely stable. I'm happy with that. :)


You should be able to run at 3.2 - 3.5 mhz with all stock voltages and little heat with a good air cooler though and be just fine with longevity.

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