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Force 60 GB 6 Month Report

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Hello everyone, about 6 months ago I was debating on purchasing either the Corsair Force 60GB SATA II SSD or the ******** Sniper SATA II SSD, obviously I chose Corsair. I am now back after running Windows 7 64 Bit Professional on it in AHCI and with a ******** Caviar Black SATA II 750GB HDD for Storage.


My overall used data is 75% of the 60GB Drive holding at 20GB Free, this was expected as Operating Systems grow larger with updates and I ALWAYS have the latest. Performance has been EXCEPTIONAL, going from 10-15 second boot times on my ******** Caviar Black on Windows XP 32bit Home to 8 Second boot times on Windows 7 64bit Pro is impressive to say the least. System Stability is 99%, I say 99% because there have been a few BSOD's, 2 of the 3 were video card related and the 3rd was a driver issue that I corrected in 5 minutes and there is always a 1% margin for error, as for the SSD itself I can easily say it has yet to fail me (knocks on wood). The speeds that were on newegg's website about this drive are pretty much dead on with a +/-2% margin. I cant see why some people are saying don't buy Corsair SSD's, my SSD has been nothing short of perfect. I am about to upgrade my SSD to Firmware 2.0, I anticipate no problems and possibly even greater stability and performance (if at all possible).


In conclusion, if you are new to purchasing SSD's and are looking for a quality product and a very active community response forum, Corsair has got what you are looking for.


Force 60Gb SATA II SSD Ratings (6 Month Benchmark):

Performance - 10/10

Reliability - 10/10

Satisfaction - 10/10

Windows Experience Index Drive Score - 7.7/7.9 <---- Impressive



Edit: Tried to apply Firmware 2.0, was not successful, would not detect drive, read the PDF, set to AHCI and OS was installed in AHCI, used Hirens Boot Disk 13.1, found out by using Crystal Disk Info I already had 2.0 firmware running *FACEPALM*.

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That's awesome to know that someone else also has great experiences and this is not a rarity, thanks Synbios.


Included below is a 10 minute old ATTO Benchmark of the Force 60GB SSD, managed to get my used drive space down to 66% from 75%.


NOTE*** I have not tweaked the SSD or have done any "boosting" to it to get it back near original specifications. This is RAW 6 Month Degradation using regular system maintenance, losses were expected however they still exceed most SATA II drives in the same class at new state.




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