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Issues with 800D SATA III upgrade


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I was getting another hard drive, so I thought I'd install the upgrade kit to go from Sata 3 to Sata 6 in my Corsair 800d. All of the drives I have are Sata 6 and I figured it would neaten things up in the case. I got everything installed and it wouldn't boot into windows. Kept getting disk error. I'm using a Crucial c300 ssd for my boot drive. It would show up in Bios, but nowhere else. I tried all the repair options on the windows 7 disk with no luck. I also tried it in different hot swap bays. I finally tried to do an install and the ssd show up. I reformatted and tried to install and no luck. I finally took the ssd out of the hot swap bay and hooked it up separate from the hot swap bay. Viola! Now it's there and I was able to re-install with no problems and have been running perfectly ever since.


The only thing I can come up with is that the tray for the hot swap bay and screws for the ssd don't line up perfectly with the Sata 6 upgrade. All the hard drives work perfectly with the upgrade.

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