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AX1200W, a marvel or a product !


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Ok well there have been reviews on the web for this beast, all glowing n stuf, well this is coming from a end users standpoint of what this thing can power, bear with me here.


Now the system it juices,


Gigabyte X58A-UD3R rev 2.0 mobo

Overclocked i7 950 at 4Ghz

Corsair H70 Cooler dual fans full speed

6X4Gb sticks of DDR3 (yes 24 gigs of memory, two kits were cheap)

2X GeForce GTS 460 video cards, overclocked of course both from the factory and pushed harder than that

6 hard drives, 4 SATA, 2 IDE all 7,200RPM

Single DVD Burner with Lightscribe

SB X-Fi Titanium Champion Fatal1ty sound card and I/O Drive

A legacy floppy drive

6X120mm case fans with LED

1X230mm case fan with LED

2 Cold Cathode kits (4 8 inch tubes)


Yes, a loaded system that deserves the best power it can get and it runs well with the power it gets, well, here's where it gets interesting.


I needed to have a good AM/FM radio in my computer room and well, with my sound card having an honest pair of RCA jacks, I went with a Alpine AM/FM CD Receiver. Model CDE-122


Now knowing my abilities with a PC and car audio, I decided to grab the second ATX +12V 8 pin cable from the cable bag for my AX-1200, and grabbed a pair of extensions I had from both my tall cases and extend it outside the case and spliced into the second extender to power the deck, and voila ! The power supply also has no issues driving this in addition to the powerful PC quite well.


Corsair, you did well with this PSU, takes whatever one can throw at it !

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