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New TX750W Graphics Card Compatibility Problem


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Ive read a little history in the threads about issues or non issues with Corsair PSUs and 8800GT VGA cards, so Im wondering what the stand point was in the end.


I yesterday bought a TX750 as my system needed a boost for a new HDD and was struggling with the generic 500W that was built in a few years ago.


I have a Asus EN8800GT 1Gb card.


Upon reconnecting the system and powering on I was greeted with the post beep and 8 short beeps after the PC posted, indicating a graphics card problem. I tried various things, power configurations, 6pin adapter that came with the graphics card etc, to no avail. When the PCI-E power was removed the card screamed at me, so it knew it was/wasnt getting power...


I then installed a previous built Radeon X1600Pro 512Mb card with no PCI-E power and all was good so far as startup and running.


Im wondering if the 8800GT issue with PSUs was determined to exist or if there were any solutions?

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thx for the quick reply.


Yes my PSU is the V2 with up to 62A on the 12v rail


Sorry posted the original post from work and couldnt remember my MB details, it's a MSI K9N NEO V3 m/b.


The PSU has been working well and quiet for the last 2 days constantly, with the ATI Radeon X1600Pro 512Mb graphics card in...


I might try clearing the MB bios and re trying the ASUS 8800GT 1Gb card.


As I asked, is there any known issues with the 8800GT and the TX750v2 (as I saw some mention of it in threads from a few years ago)

Anything else I should try, or is it time for a new graphics card??

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