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F60 on try before returning BSOD / after sleep and other issues


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Hello first time poster long time happy corsair customer


but i have a problem...so i was at a store that had the F60 SSD on sale for a price that made me impluse buy it which as it seems may not have been a great idea.



I've read some other postings about it and my bios settings have quick boot disabled / i had AHCI enabled / i did a clean install to new drive/ I have the most current bios for my motherboard F11


I have tried the in box AHCI SATA drivers and the intel drivers ( but i get a very unpleasant BSOD on resuming from S3 sleep / i have tried hibernate and while it seems to come back ok from hibernate it coughs up a SMART Failure in the post screen. Honestly even if hibernate worked perfectly no SMART error msg i would still probably return this drive as it takes way longer to resume than it does using S3 with my Samsung F3 (which worked great when using the F3 before buying this F60).



my F60 seems to have bios 2.1B accoring to what the intel RST utility says



I figured I would give this on shot before driving back to return this thing ...if anyone has any other guidence / suggestions i'm all ears


If there is additional inforation I can provide please ask


sadly my first forray into SSD country is off to a pretty weak start but such is life sometimes i suppose.

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so i don't know why but when i gave up on this and booted back to my Samsung F3 (win 7 sp1) with the F60 still attached it doesn't make it bsod when resuming from s3



but when booting from the F60 it always crashes resuming from sleep?

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well never mind



I'm pretty sure this drive is just useless for my setup anyways, I'm very disappointed with this whole experience and wasting several hours trying to get this thing to work.



I am sorry to say that I will definitely not be that open to trying a corsair SSD again after this....never say never i guess but I will have to read many many consistently "glowing" reports before I would consider a corsair SSD in future. Actually however now i'm just pretty soured to SSDs in general atm so i'm going to skip the whole idea for now at least.


To some extent I'm as mad at myself for not researching this drive more before getting it for myself (as an early bday present...yeah that worked out well), but I'm also honestly I'm not very happy with corsair either. The ubiquity of the resume issues really make me wonder how these products make it to market. But since I've read more about various company's SSD offerings I guess Corsair is not alone in making stuff which is arguably more hassle than it is worth.


just waiting for SDelete to finish wiping this thing so that I can pull it out and return it for a refund.

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