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Just bought H50! Need help determing correct temps


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Hello! Just bought H50 yesterday. Spent a lot of time messing with it and found out push/pull exhaust was the best for me.

Needin' help finding my cpu temp. I am using hwmonitor and Everest to check temps. My ambient temp is around 27 C.


If i remove power to water pump, TMPIN1 increases pretty fast and reaches temps up to 93 C before i decided to put the pump back on. Took maybe...less than 1 minute to get up to 93 C. While i did this horrible act, i also looked at temps shown in Everest. It reported my motherboard temps as 93 C when i removed the power to the H50 pump.


I checked the bios for cpu temperature and it is always matching or VERY close to "TMPIN1".


The only testing i have done to differentiate is removing power to water pump or leaving pump on while cutting power to the corsair h50 FAN! In both circumstances "TMPIN1" and motherboard temps in Everest arose FAST.


My core cpu temps are also almost always 10 C lower than "TMPIN1"


Any help would be appreciated.


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I am sorry but I am not clear on what your question is?

But I would use the MB BIOS or if the MB came with Health monitoring software that would be what you should go by. Third party programs may need to be calibrated and programs like Core temp will read the core temps which will always be hotter than the CPU Temp.

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