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Difference in CPU-Z on CMX8GX3M2A1600C9


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I bought 2 sticks of CMX8GX3M2A1600C9 in sept/oct 2010 and added 2 sticks of the same memory just 3 weeks ago.

I post at picture of CPU-Z on the SPD tab and memory tab. The two sticks a bought last year have a "Max bandwidth" of PC3-10700H (667MHz) and those new sticks is PC3-8500F (533MHz) ...! How is that even possible?

I tested the memory in memtest but only version 2.11 and it reported no errors (i know old version but...). I recently updated my motherboard bios to version F6. I did that cause I have random restarts on my system, it simply restarts randomly. Its not becouse i now have 16 gb memory it happened before when i just had 8 GB in total. I know you should not mix the same memory but ... I also have tried to look for this problem in the forum and found this tread, just so you know i tried look for this:



Question: Do I have some compability issue cause SPD show difference in "max bandwidth", I mean do all my 4 sticks of memory run at the same speed...? why do the tell differens in speed?.


Question: Why do my computer randomly restart... well I just updated the bios and its working fine now, but.... mayby its to early to really tell. I heard it sometimes have to do with the graphic driver...


Question: These memory should work with AMD Phenomen right ? I dont overclock I just what the memory to run stable at 1333 MHz, what timings should I go for. The voltage in bios is now auto and show 1,50-1,52, before the bios flash i had version F1 and run them in 1,65. I feel I go just blind here and not know what to set it for. Its a manual set of timings in the memory but auto in voltage.


Any input is very very welcome :) thanks




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Ok, so then all should be fine cause the memory tab show I have 1333 MHz (or 1339,4 MHz)at timings 9-9-9-24. I assume I can also just ignore the difference in SPD settings then. I just thought it was strange that the exact memory show up different and I was afraid they didnt "like" to work toghether.
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Hi again and thanks for the replys.


Yes its strange that the exact memory modell differ in specification, but theres over six month between when I bought them. I can se that the memory now is both supported on Intel and AMD but the first pair I bought hadent support for AMD, but it should go for that cause I asked the question then :).

I have run memtest 4.20 now for 3 passes (takes over 8 hour) and no issue at all.

Again its too early to say if the system is stable but so far no restart problems. I didnt know you could even run these memory in 1,5 v.

Are your recomendation to change the first pair of memory to be on the "safe" side or is it like you said it could go and be stable.


Thanks again for this forum, im very glad for it.

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The version number is not an indication of when they are made only what IC is used to make that specific module, even if you did swap the old modules its hard to say what version you would get.
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