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AX850 - GPU fans 100% after shutdown


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Have any of you came across to a problem when a system after successful shutdown does not shutdown GPU fans? All devices are turning off, all HDDs, all fans, but GPU fans start going 100% rpm :(

I have to copies of Windows installed and both suffer this problem. What is more, this problem appeared after changing HX620 to AX850 ... changing back to HX620 and porblem disappears :(


Do I have to RMA ??


Best regards,


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Checked. Both changing the cable and changing the "port" in the PSU. The same :(. The GPU fans go 100% and I have to plug-out the wall-outlet power cable from the PSU to shutdown the PC (or use the 1-0 switch on the psu).
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Asus P5W DH Deluxe; Core 2 E6600; 4GB RAM (667 DDR2); 3 hdds , Gigabyte GeForce 560TI; I have an actual BIOS. non-modified. Newest NVIDIA drivers. I don't overclock.


I dont believe its my configuration - after switching back to HX620 everything works fine.

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I have tested the PSU with different PC and different GPU in different location (other wall socket). The problem is the same.

so: changing wall socket; changing the graphics 6/8 pin cable; changing the 6/8 pin cable port on the PSU, changing GPU do not help.

The problem is present in 2 tested PCs with this PSU.

The problem is solved in my home PC by changing PSU. (AX850 to HX620).


I believe it has to be faulty then. I have tested everything :(

It has to somehow not cut of power from the graphic card.

:( :( :(

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i've the same problem but with a AX750..


The psu is almost a year old and it started to going crazy two days ago.

The pc is working just fine from the power on to the shutdown, then all hell breaks loose and the gpu fans spin@100%


I've already tried to switch the "port" on the psu and the cable (gpu is an ati 6950 with x2 6pin). Nothing changed..



There's something to do other then RMA?

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Well ,all your voltages look good and well within spec. Doesn't seem to be anything that jumps out and points to a power issue. Usually 3.3v will be low that causes the video card failure like that.


Without a spare GPU or PSU to test with it's going to be hard to pinpoint.


I mean,You always have the option to RMA the PSU if you feel it's the cause of the issue. But, if another PSU does the same thing i would think about replacing the GPU.

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I did some additional testing:



my current configuration is:


Asus Maximus Formula

Q6600 (no oc)

4gb Corsair DDR2 800 mhz

Ati 6950 2GB


everything works fine until the shutdown, the OS shutdown correctly but the gpus fans goes @100% and the cpu fan is still on (this i haven't seen before because the case was closed and the gpu fans are much louder than cpus)


now i managed to "find" a nvidia quadro FX 3800 ( :D: ) and i tested it: nothing changed..


then i pulled from the dust an old psu (i don't even know the model) and tried with the FX3800 (i can't test with the 6950 because the old psu has only one 6 pin connector..)

everything works fine, gpu and cpu shutdown correctly




i think that proves the faulty AX750 :(:


what i have to do now?


ty all

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You can call in and ask for an advanced RMA. They take your credit card number and put a hold on it for the amount of the product. Once the old is sent back it is removed. But your card is never actually charged unless you fail to return the defective piece.
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