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Two more dead Nova 64 GB


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Well, this will make a total of 4 dead Novas for me now. To be honest I do not want another set of these drives. If there really was around a 4% failure rate the chances I would get 4 duds in a row is astronomical. Either there is a major manufacturing issue that no one wants to come clean about it or running these drives in a RAID 0 span lead to premature death. I mean 15-20 minutes. Yes, that's right.


I sent my first two drives off a few months ago, two new ones were returned pretty quickly. Well last night I got around to backing up my computer and re-installing the drives. Well, one died within 15 minutes during Windows 7 install. It will no longer even post and the other one is starting to go as well, this morning I woke up and the span was critical. Rebooted a few times and the span is OK....for now.


Can I please get a drive from another series I don't care if the speed is slower or the price cheaper. Can I just please get two drives of equal or lesser value from another line? This is getting to be ridiculous.

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