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VS512MB400 double-sided won't boot


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I got a kit of 2x512 corsair value ram which are double-sided and I can't boot my system with either of the sticks, let alone both.


My motherboard is DFI Lanparty nf4 Ultra-d and it currently runs on 1 (one) stick of corsair value ram 512mb single-sided.


Either the board won't detect those double-sided sticks or they're dead and I should RMA them. Or should I adjust some BIOS settings?? Could be I am doing something wrong.


When these double-sided sticks are tested separately, there is a slight difference:

with stick-A the board's diagnostic led lights stop at 4 red lights

with stick-B the board's diagnostic led lights stop at 3.

No beeps are heard. I've tested these sticks in different slots with the same results.


To save you the bother of looking up these diagnostic codes, this is what the mobo's manual says:


LED 1 to LED 4 are diagnostic LEDs. These LEDs will indicate the current condition of the system.


System start-up ---- 4

CPU detected ----- 3

DRAM detected ----- 2

VGA detected ------ 1

System boot-up ------ (all gone)

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With just one of the new modules installed I would try and remove the power and on board battery and clear the MB BIOS. There should be a jumper to force a BIOS reset and see if it will post.
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Ok, I did as you said - cleared cmos with one double-sided stick in - and it booted once!

I went to BIOS to disable the logo screen, hit F10 (save and exit), and it never booted again.

The diagnostic lights get stuck at 3 red leds.


Should I adjust something inside the BIOS to allow the ram to boot normally? like voltages or something. Or maybe disconnected all peripherals? When I put back the single-sided stick, the ram voltage was again at 2.6v though i had put it back to 2.5v before clearing cmos.

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Ok, I did a lot of cmos clearing and frequency resetting, and finally arrived at an acceptable configuration that let's both sticks boot at 333 Mhz 2T


The voltage adjusting didn't do any good in the end, it sort of self-adjusted (currently it's set at 2.6v but voltage sensors show that one stick runs at 2.55v, and when toghether they pull 2.76v). So the whole problem was frequency - the sticks can't run at their auto SPD speed (which is 200 bus) on my system for some reason, and alone or together they can't get over 166.


So far so good. Thanks for all your advice!

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VS512MB400 - I've also been running my double-sided Corsair ValueSelect 512Mb DDR400 @ DDR333 speeds on an nForce2 motherboard (Epox 8RGA+), it's 7 years now and so far still running fine. I wasn't able to really test running my VS512Mb400 module at DDR400 speeds though... (board or processor limitation in my case)
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