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Vengeance Blue heatspreader decals


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Finally got all the parts to move from LGA775 to 1155 and in the process of test assembling all the parts:


P8Z68 Deluxe with the sweet looking blue heatsinks

8GB Vengeance Blue to match the sweet looking Deluxe heatsinks


Install the modules and hey what's this :bigeyes: the backside has no decals (outside of the serial label) like how it's shown in the kit pictures =>




Everything's going into a 700D with the 800D window side panel so seeing the backside of the ram with a white label as opposed to the cool Vengeance decals is something that is going to eat at me.


So...my question is are the Vengeance Blue decals available?


Cheers, TalonII

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Pics are included


On the side that faces to front of the case (the side that I sit looking at and so the side of the module that I see when looking at the internals) there is no decal on either end of the module and the centre decal is a white part identifier decal.


I realize I may be being anal but having a window case aesthetics are part (not a big part but who are we kidding, it is a part...) of putting together a kit.


So the way the modules look right now is, to me, being taken away by having to look at a big white decal where my mind is telling me I should looking at the cool looking Vengeance decal.


A small detail to some but large enough to me that I registered to post here specifically to ask about whether Vengeance decals are available so that I can cover that white label.



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I got mine from NCIX so hadn't seen the pics on NE.


Either way I'm not debating whether there should be decals on the "backside" or not. It doesn't look like in manufacturing they are applied, fair enough.


What I'm asking is; can 1 set of the decals be made available for me to allow me to apply them to the backside of one of my modules so my aesthetic bent can be satisfied?

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